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Former NSYNC star Lance Bass & Trevor Guthrie Celebrate 2014 Grammy Nomination
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#NightlifeTV On Saturday January 25th, former NSYNC star Lance Bass partied & celebrated with Multi-platinum recording artist Trevor...
Guthrie at Acabar in Hollywood, California.

“This is what it feels like” by Trevor Guthrie and Armin Van Buuren was nominated for 2014 Grammy Best Dance Song, and the song is or has gone to #1 in 31 countries. In addition to Bass & Guthrie partying the night away, Guthrie also gave an intimate & inspiring performance of his grammy nominated single and was joined in performance by some of his close friends & colleagues.

Guthrie (SoulDecision) wrote “This Is What It Feels Like” for a friend who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was given only 17 weeks to live. Armin (van Buuren) was expecting a song from Guthrie, but Trevor wasn’t sure he would like a song that was so dark and so he didn’t send it to him. A colleague of Trevor’s ended up sending it to Armin without him knowing.

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